1. After many months of tinkering I present to you the first prototype of The Smiler! A big thanks to everyone who supported this project. I am very thankful for those who volunteered their tools and expertise to get this thing off the ground!

    More updates to come. Stay tuned. 


  2.  One of the core inspirations for The Smiler. Amazing talk. WATCH IT


  3. The Smiler - Patent Pending

    Hello, my name is Dylan Redford. I am an entrepreneur, an artist, and most importantly, an inventor. For the past year, I have been designing a prosthetic to make people smile. While I have always thought people don’t smile enough, a recent TED talk about the scientific benefits of smiling convinced me that something had to be done. Smiling makes you happy. It’s so simple. It’s in your control. I want to help you smile. I want you to be happy. 

    I present to you The Smiler (I don’t have any images yet, I have to keep the design confidential for a bit). A solution for your rainy days. 

    I am currently trying to get The Smiler patented. What a crazy process. Once thats done I can start shopping this thing around. Any buyers!?

    This is just the beginning. Ill be updating regularly. Thanks for your interest!